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Actionize It

The Actionize It Homework Bundle

The Actionize It Homework Bundle

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The Actionize It Homework Bundle is a digital download product that helps students learn steps and skills that lead to completing and turning in homework: 

  • writing down assignments
  • planning what they will do during homework time  (and see the value of creating a plan)
  • learning to break big assignments into smaller tasks and creating a time plan completing those whole assignments on time
  • tracking assignment completion
  • tracking that assignments are turned in
  • feeling empowered to know how to complete the process independently 

For students with ADHD, getting homework in on time can feel nearly impossible. Often this happens because when students leave school they don't want to think about school; their brains have worked hard and thinking about homework in and of itself can be challenging, especially if they have to remember everything in their heads. 

That can all change when students' are given the tools to know how to create a plan from a list of things they have to do with various due dates and multi step assignments. The Homework Planner in this bundle provides a step-by-step, simple process that helps them visualize everything so they can then see it and work with it to create a plan. The few minutes students will spend planning, using the Actionize It Homework Planner can save hours of procrastination, frustration, and stress about the assignments in the long run. This is the system we've used with dozens of our own clients with ADHD, who've found success and have been surprised to see how much easier it makes homework time. 

This bundle also includes a Day Planner for students who are learning how to create and follow a schedule for their day or how to create and follow a nightly routine to allow for more independence. Also included is a To-Do Planner for students who are learning how to get everything they need to do "done" after school, including homework. 

Each of the tools in the Homework Bundle is intended to support a student in learning the basic skills of planning, prioritizing, and following the plan at the skill and readiness level for each student. Whether following a three step schedule or schedule with times in it or planning an afternoon of chores, homework, afterschool school activities and dinner, or simply creating a homework plan that is realistic and takes the uncertainty and overwhelm of where to start and what to do out of the equation, the Homework Bundle is an essential tool that all kids can benefit from when learning executive function skills.

The skills that students learn with the Homework Bundle equips students with the tools to take control of their time and feel self-assured in their abilities to complete and hand things in without feeling overwhelmed or waiting until the last minute. 

The bundle includes;

  • homework planner sheet + sheets to plan out longer/bigger assignments
  • daily activity planner sheet to create a schedule for their day
  • daily "to do" planner sheet
  • PLUS video and written instructions with examples for how to use each part of the Homework Bundle

Download and print as often as required for the student in your home or class.