Wendy Bertagnole, Masters in Education

Wendy has been coaching parents and children with different needs for over a decade. She enjoys taking complex ideas and making them simple or more applicable for anyone to use. 

In her personal life, Wendy enjoys being outdoors hiking, biking, skiing, or sightseeing. 

Courtney Edman, MS, PT, CEIS

Courtney has been on a mission to bring awareness and know-how to the world about neurodiversity and the skills, affirmation, and strategies that neurodivergent people need to thrive in the world. Courtney is the founder and President of  2tametheshame, Inc. where she not only coaches people of all ages and their parents but also works to educate, inform, and advocate for the needs of neurodivergent individuals. 

Courtney has 3 young adult children, one of whom is neurodivergent, and she lives in Framingham, MA with her husband and faithful walking companion and dog, Baxter. When not coaching, she can compete on the tennis court, enjoy travel, or spend time with family and friends, preferably at the beach!