Does sticking to plans feel impossible?

Does consistency seem out of reach?

Does it feel like motivation is unpredictable?

Trying harder, or buying new calendars, planners and to-do lists just won't work!

The typical way of planning drains executive function skills.

The Actionize It Planning System guides you through a system of planning that supports your executive function skills, making it easier to take action, so you can be more consistent more often!

  • Braindump

    A space to place all your best ideas, and tasks so they don't get lost.

  • Prioritize

    Clearly see when things need to be done so nothing is missed or forgotten.

  • Simplify

    Break down big tasks into manageable steps, making it feel more doable and motivating.

  • Plan

    Determine how long each task will take and when it needs to be done, so your plan is realistic.

  • Actionize

    Get things done more consistently and easily!

What is the Actionize It Planning System?

  • Be more productive

  • Take action more consistently

  • Minimize procrastinaton

  • Feel less overwhelmed


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    • Sara

      "I wanted to take ASL lessons online but I kept putting them off, only taking one lesson at a time inconsistently. This Actionize It system helped me to break it down and put it into my calendar so I was able to commit to a lesson every Saturday. Now I have it finished and earned a certificate of completion!"

    • Joni

      "The Actionize It planning system feels like a tool that helps me plan all types of events and tasks so that I can avoid putting them off until the last minute and burning out because I have too much to do at once."

    • Aidan

      "I was surprised to see I managed to cross several things off the brain dump list during the last week. 

      And I was able to see the rest of what I have to do in a more organized way. 

      It doesn’t feel as threatening and overwhelming

      I’m able to look at it and think about what I need to do instead of panicking and thrusting it away."

    "We were actually on time!"

    "We're never on time even when I try my hardest to be. Thank you so much for the help. I would have left without water bottles, snacks, or diapers. Or we would've been late because I would have tried to get those items real quick. Working backwards and writing the steps make it easy to actually get us ready." -Anna

    • Creates ONE space to place all your thoughts and tasks so nothing gets lost

    • Supports executive function skills, so being productive doesn't feel as draining

    • Helps you think through all the steps of tasks that feel too overwhelming


    What age is this for?

    If you can use a calendar, you can use the Actionize It Planning System. We’ve made it customizable to students, professionals, stay-at-home parents, and everything in between. 

    The Actionize It Planning System is ideal for teachers or parents to use when beginning to teach their older elementary school-aged students learn about using a planner for school work!

    Can this be an app? 

    We’re working on it! Subscribe to our email list and you will be the first to learn when it’s ready. 

    Is this a planner?

    No. This is a system that teaches you how to make your planner/calendar work in your favor.

    Do I have to use a special planner/calendar with this System?

    No, but you have to choose one planner/calendar that you will use. Most paper or digital planners/calendars will work. The important thing is that you choose one and stick with it.

    What if I have never been successful using a planner or a calendar?

    Then Actionize It is perfect for you! It will teach you how to use a calendar effectively.

    What if I already stick to my plans in my calendar/planner?

    Then this system may not be for you. It may help you become more efficient and productive than you already are by allowing you plan and prioritize all in one place.

    What type of calendar/planner should I use?

    • Choose one that has 15-minute time increments from early in the morning until late at night so you can plan your day for even the small tasks without running out of room to write what you will do at what time.
    • Choose one with a weekly layout so you can see the entire week at a time.
    • Make sure that you have a planner/calendar that is portable and that you can take with you and that you won't lose. (digital and larger planners are better for this)
    • We don't recommend planners/calendars that have blocks only with one block per day.

    If you don't yet have a planner/calendar that you like or use, check out our Intro to Planning Challenge.

    Are there any calendars/planners that you recommend?

    Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, At-a-Glance Weekly Calendar, Ensight Appointment Book and Calendar, Order Out of Chaos Calendars (for students ages 8-14), and the Weekly Academic Calendar by Sarah Ward are a few that we recommend.