Being successful in school requires more than intelligence, motivation, and hard work; it requires confidence and executive function skills. 

Often neurodivergent students have difficulty with so many things:

  • remembering deadlines, meetings, and appointments
  • managing time
  • prioritizing responsibilities at home, work, and elsewhere
  • turning in homework on time (without waiting until the last minute)
  • managing frustration and exhaustion
  • keeping their backpack organized
  • knowing where to study and how to study effectively
  • being able to persist when things get hard

All of these challenges can be addressed with a few core skills called executive function skills. These skills need to be learned just like reading, riding a bike, and getting dressed. 

For years we have been coaching clients of all ages to learn and use these skills effectively in school, college, at home, and in their careers as adults. These same concepts are now being taught in a small group setting, offering students the chance to learn together, discover and know that others are dealing with similar challenges, and have a group of peers helping with the motivation and accountability to improve. 

Group coaching will provide students the same opportunities as one-on-one coaching: to learn these executive function skills, to identify their unique strengths and interests, and to receive individualized coaching from Coach Wendy Bertagnole, M.Ed to help each group member learn how to apply the skills to their unique situations in school and at home.

What is included in the program?

  • 1 weekly video for you and your student to watch filled with strategies to focus on, learn, and implement for the week (you can keep these forever)
  • 1-hour live group coaching session per week via Zoom where I help your student personalize the strategies in the video (if your student can't attend, the recording will be emailed)
  • The opportunity for your student to ask any questions via email and receive a personalized video response from Coach Wendy within two business days

As a bonus, parents of students who participate in this group will receive these resources:

  • The Actionize It planning system ($47 value)
  • The Actionize It homework bundle ($17 value)-
  • Free 2-month membership to a parent community where you can attend weekly live Q&A sessions and get answers to your specific questions ($94 value)
  • Free 2-month access to a library of videos (15 min or less) about how to support neurodivergent kids ($94 value)

Students will learn these important skills:

  • time management (personalized to their specific preferences)
  • successful planning (also personalized)
  • successful prioritization (personalized, of course)
  • efficient study strategies (how to maximize focus and study time without wearing out)

The student workshops will focus on supporting kids to develop habits and create systems and routines that will help them reach their academic goals consistently. 

Please see below for details about times and dates!

Student Success for Neurodivergent High Schoolers

Student Success for Neurodivergent High Schoolers

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The small group sessions for high schoolers will take place every Thursday during the 4 weeks of March, from 4-5:00 pm MST (3-4:00 PST, 5-6:00 CST, 6-7:00 EST). 
**If these times don't work for you, email me times/dates (and your time zone) that work for your child weekly and I'll make it work.**