The Productivity Workshop

Learn how to get things done consistently with less stress and without procrastinating.

What you can expect from the workshop;

Get your to do list done consistently

A to do list that always grows is no help. Knowing how to get those things done takes a different set of skills, which you'll learn here.
Avoid common mistakes like;

putting everything on a list and not knowing where to start

waiting until motivation hits to start

expecting yourself to accomplish too much in a short amount of time

going all out for a week, only to taper off because it's not sustainable

Tackle big and little products regularly

Projects can feel overwhelming, especially when they pile up or when they take too long.

This system helps support executive function skills to make planning and taking action much easier and more realistic.

Create a system for keeping track of your great ideas/things to do

Our brains can only hold so much. Having a system for placing things in one place helps more than you might realize.

Make projects more manageable by chunking them out and taking regular action

Maintain a calendar/planner system along with Google Calendar

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Actionize It

Productivity Workshop

Productivity Workshop

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Virtual Workshop

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Learn how to get things done consistently with less stress, and without procrastinating. 

  • Simplify and Organize Your Inbox ($47 value)

    A virtual workshop teaching you how to easily organize and maintain an email inbox system.

  • 2 Small Group Accountability Calls ($47 value)

    I'll help you make this system realistic by personalizing it to your preferences on weekly group accountability calls.

  • Digital Actionize It Planning System ($37 value)

    Utilize the Actionize It planning system to help make this system even more effective.


Who is this for?

Any adult who wants to feel more confident about your ability to plan and be productive. If you feel your system isn't working for you, or that "planning just doesn't work", likely it's because previous planning systems weren't executive function friendly. This one is!
You don't have to have an ADHD diagnosis to benefit from this.

Do I have to show up at a certain time?


The workshop will be a series of pre-recorded videos that I'll send to you so you can watch them whenever it's right for you.

The accountability calls are live, however. While they're optional, I'd highly recommend trying to make them a priority.

Once everyone is signed up, I'll get ideas about which times/days would be best for everyone and offer a few options per week.

Is this only for people with ADHD?

While most of my clients I've taught this to have ADHD, anyone can benefit from this system. I've taught it to myself, my close friends, and others who don't have ADHD.
Those with ADHD can greatly benefit from it.

Do I have to buy a planner to do this?


We'll use Google Calendar (or ical if you prefer) to set everything up. If you're more of a paper person, we'll integrate that into the system, but you won't have to buy anything unless you absolutely want to. Hold off until after watching the videos, though because you might find that the Actionize It planning system + Google Calendar is plenty.