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The Actionize It System Explained

Begin by listing all ideas or tasks in the BrainDump. Limit the list to tasks that are achievable within a month. Use the “Notes” area to document any important details about each task. 

In the “1, 2, or 3” column, categorize each task according to the following guidelines:

  • 1 indicates a single-step task. 
  • 2 indicates a task to remember but doesn’t require action yet. 
  • 3 indicates a multi-step task that requires action now. 

Brain Dump Example

Brain Dump Example

After numbering each task, take the following steps:

“1” Tasks: 

  • Identify a time in your calendar to complete the task. 
  • Add the task to your calendar. 
  • After completing the task, cross it off the list.

“2” Tasks:

  • Copy all “2” tasks to the Actionize it Later section. 
  • Cross each task off the BrainDump once it is copied.
  • Fill in the “Timeframe to Complete” based on when this task needs to be started.
  • Check back each week to see if it is time to move any task to Actionize it Now
  • Once you’ve moved the task, check the task’s “Moved to Actionize It Now” box. 

Actionize It Later Example

“3” Tasks:

  • Copy each “3” task into the “Task” heading into its own Actionize it Now section. 
  • Write the “Start Date” and “End Date” for taking action on this task.
  • Break down each “Task” into smaller action steps that feel doable. List each one. 
  • Estimate the amount of time it will take to complete each action step and identify a day and time to complete it.
  • Add each action step to your calendar according to the day and time chosen.  
  • After completing the action step, check the “Done” box.

Actionize It Now Example